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First Snow of the Winter

Too early in the season for this much snow but it’s kind of pretty.  I took these from my back yard.  It’s a little dark but I wanted to get them before the wind blew the snow off the trees.

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Columbus Arts Festival – June 7, 2014

No bike ride today.  I went to the Columbus Arts Festival with Ceena B.  Bunch of pictures below. This is woven glass.  It’s incredible.  

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2013 Mileage

I didn’t quite make my 2013 goal.

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2012 Mileage

I made my 2012 goal! It helped that we didn’t have a 2011-2012 winter.  I was able to ride all winter.  I don’t think I’ll be so fortunate this winter.  There’s already a lot of snow on the ground (and … Continue reading

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Temporarily Out of Order

I’m sure my throngs of fans and followers have been anxiously anticipating my next post.  (Throngs being defined as my sisters and niece.)  Unfortunately I had a knee injury which precluded “long” rides for a while.  I’m having knee surgery … Continue reading

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Preparing For Disaster

A year ago, my community was hit with a severe ice storm. I was among the thousands who lost power for about twenty hours.  I realized at that time I was totally unprepared for a disaster.  I had no means … Continue reading

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2011 Rainfall

I came up with an excuse as to why I didn’t make my 2011 mileage goal, rain.  We had 54.94 inches of rain in Columbus, Ohio in 2011.  That is over sixteen and a half inches above normal, the largest … Continue reading

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