Bike Ride – October 22, 2016

Autumn is here.  It was a pretty chilly and windy day.  I started at Tuttle Park.  When I got to Dublin Rd./Spring/Long St. (see map) I continued south rather than east as usual.


I was intrigued by this giant billboard and wanted to check it out.


Orange Barrel Media

As I got closer I could see there was an office building beneath the billboard.  It belongs to a company called Orange Barrel Media which does outdoor advertising.  They’re the ones who created this billboard on the side of the Atlas building downtown.  I always thought it was very creative particularly the yellow paint on the parking and the vehicles covered in the paint.


Atlas Building Billboard

I got off the trail at Rickenbacker Drive which is in Franklinton, then over to North Souder Avenue then McKinley Avenue where I got to the back of the billboard/office building.  That’s a bunch of solar panels on billboard.  In the foreground is typical Franklinton with boarded up buildings.


Orange Barrel Media

I went north on McKinley Avenue where there wasn’t a whole lot to see.  It was an industrial area with warehouses and manufacturing.  There was a big junk yard.  The area was pretty deserted.  I think I saw only two cars and nobody outside a car.  When I got to Yale Avenue where I came across the old Sun Manufacturing building which I mentioned before. It’s being used as a warehouse now and they restored the name on the building.


Sun Manufacturing

I went south on Yale to Broad Street so I was west of downtown.


West Broad Street

Columbus Fire Department Engine House number 10.  The old Engine House 10 is on the left.  In typical Franklinton tradition, it is boarded up.


Columbus Fire Engine House No. 10


Maurice Gates Memorial

Across the street is the Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op.  I liked the mural on the side.


Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op

East to downtown.  The Broad Street bridge was being worked on so I took Starling Street to Town Street and crossed the river on the Rich Street bridge where I came across this deer looking at the river.


Rich Street Bridge

Stopped briefly at the Scioto Mile then up to High Street and headed north where I was greeted with a north wind howling in my face.

Stopped briefly on the Ohio State Oval to make a phone call.


Hayes Hall

Back to Tuttle, 13 miles.

About Tracy M

I live in Lewis Center, Ohio & recently retired from JP Morgan Chase. I enjoy many outdoor activities and do a lot of biking. If anyone would like to join me for a ride just let me know.
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3 Responses to Bike Ride – October 22, 2016

  1. Jon Blehar says:

    Great photos as usual. But I am curious, were you able to talk the deer out of jumping? Did he say what he was despondent about?

  2. Evil says:

    Great photos. Specifically the dear statue was pretty awesome!!

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