Bike Ride – May 23, 2015

We had spectacular weather on this first day of the Memorial Day weekend.  For a change of pace I went to Westerville for my ride.  It also the advantage that I didn’t have to travel through the north side fix.  I parked at a Brooksedge Blvd. office building where I once worked.

I opened the back hatch of my car and added air to the back tire of my bike.  Then I went to do the same to the front one but it wasn’t to be found.  Seems I left that one at home.  Oops.  I actually stood there and looked for the front wheel as if there were multiple places it could be.  I didn’t want to go back home, get it and come back.  Traffic had been heavy and I think every knucklehead in the state was on the road.  (Including me.)  I decided to go across the street to Bike Source to lo0k at a bike I have been thinking about for about six months.  They didn’t have the one I was interested in but they had one of the same design but wasn’t carbon.  I took that out for a ride for about a half hour.  It was very nice.  While I was out they realized they had a carbon one so when I got back I took that one out.  It was a much better bike so I took it further.

I’ve been on this bike trail multiple times but I’ll swear I’ve never seen this “depot” before.

Westerville Bike Depot

Magnet school in Westerville, very old building.

Westerville School

Went into uptown Westerville.

Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville

Then I went over to Otterbein University.

Otterbein University

Otterbein University

Otterbein University

At this point I was starting to get concerned that the bike store would report their bike as stolen so I decided to head back.

I have no idea how far I rode but it was a lot further than I thought I would go when I discovered that I only had one wheel.

About Tracy M

I live in Lewis Center, Ohio & recently retired from JP Morgan Chase. I enjoy many outdoor activities and do a lot of biking. If anyone would like to join me for a ride just let me know.
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1 Response to Bike Ride – May 23, 2015

  1. Jon Baxter says:

    It’s just an old man’s opinion, but it seems you would have noticed a partial bicycle when you put it in the car? I bet the Otterbein mascot is not the otter, although perhaps it should be.

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