Bike Ride – September 6, 2014

So I haven’t posted in a while.  Well I haven’t gone on any “long” rides because I’ve been having foot issues.  Doctor says it is tendonitis.  It seems to be getting better so here I am.

As is often the case, Tom C. & I started at Whetstone Park and headed south on the Olentangy Bike Path.

We got to Ohio Stadium eight hours before the game.  ABC 6 was broadcasting “Buckeye Football Fever.”  They wanted me to appear on the show but I declined because I didn’t have time.

Buckeye Football Fever

We continued south.  This is the back of Battelle Memorial Institute.  The bike path goes past it.


When we got to Third Avenue we got off the trail and went through the Harrison West neighborhood.  It’s a very nice neighborhood with lots of new construction.

This is Side by Side Park just off Third Ave.

Side by Side Park

More of Harrison West.

Harrison West

Harrison West

Harrison West

This is a school building built in 1874.

Harrison West

Saint Francis Assisi church.

St. Francis Assisi

Heading downtown we went past this residence across from Goodale Park.

This is their back yard barbecue.  Pretty nice.

Our destination today was the Arena District.

Arena Crossing apartments.

Arena Crossing Apartments

The street we were on took us under High Street so we followed it.  This is looking up at the Hyatt from below High Street.  As you can see it was a very overcast day.


Looking up at the Nationwide building from the same location.

Nationwide Building

And finally, looking up at the new Hilton Hotel.

Hilton Hotel

Further back, the road took us under the convention center.  It was a real interesting place but I’m not sure I’d want to be down there at night.

Under the convention center

You can see the Hyatt & convention center in this one.

Under the convention center

Under the convention center

OK.  Enough of subterranean Columbus.  Going back up to be with the surface people.

Back to the Arena District.  Apartments.

Arena District

This is a foot bridge going over the road we were on earlier.

Arena District

Heading over to an area with a lot of nice restaurants.

Arena District

Arena District

Looking towards the back of the Nationwide Building.

Arena District

This is an arch from the old train station and McFerson Commons Park.

Arch Park

More of the Arena District.

Arena District

Residential area.

Arena District

Arena District

Harold Cooper statue at Huntington Park.

Harold Cooper Statue

Huntington Park

This is the new Columbia Gas building under construction across the street.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

This is further west on Nationwide Blvd.  It is an old factory converted to loft apartments.

Arena District loft apartments

This is as far west as you can go on Nationwide Blvd.  It’s kind of off the beaten path.  It’s in the undeveloped area of the Arena District.

Inside there is some very neat old equipment.  We had no idea what it would have been used for.

This building is just east of the one above.  It was the old Municipal Light Plant.  We both wanted to go in but couldn’t find an open door.

Municipal Light Plant

Municipal Light Plant

That was the end of our exploration of the Arena District.

We went downtown along the river front.  Wow, did it look different.

River Front

Here’s what it looked like before.

Headed back north.  Five hours before the game.

Ohio Stadium five hours before the game

Lane Avenue.

Lane Avenue

Lane Avenue

Back to Whetstone Park.  Wow, I must have been in a picture taking mood.  20 Miles.

About Tracy M

I live in Lewis Center, Ohio & recently retired from JP Morgan Chase. I enjoy many outdoor activities and do a lot of biking. If anyone would like to join me for a ride just let me know.
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8 Responses to Bike Ride – September 6, 2014

  1. Jon Baxter says:

    As usual you have a number of really interesting shots. I am fairly certain that unknown equipment you mentioned are old nuclear reactors from the 1950’s that OSU forgot they had. Columbus has A LOT of apartments and condo’s, I guess no one likes to live in houses there?

  2. Carol says:

    Looks like another nice ride! You take good pictures.

  3. Carol says:

    Nice the second time too but we would like to see a few pictures of you in there.

  4. Sue McCambridge says:

    Don’t you think that maybe you sort of over did it for the 1st time out? That seems like a long ride to me.

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