Bike Ride August 6, 2011

Originally posted elsewhere August 8, 2011.

This week I went west on Broad Street to Franklinton.  It is the oldest part of Columbus.

I didn’t find much nice in Franklinton or even much that is interesting.

This is an old train station on Broad Street.  It was once used by the Salvation Army but more recently the firefighters union restored it and it is their headquarters.

Franklinton Old Train Station

Lucas Sullivant Land office.

Lucas Sullivant Land Office

Lucas Sullivant Land Office

This is more typical of what is found in Franklinton.

Engine House Number Six

This was once Engine House Six.  More recently it was Jimmy Rea Electronics store which hasn’t been around for decades so this place has been empty a long time.  Neat old building though.

More of Franklinton:

Work on the Manhattan Project was conducted in this building during the second world war which may be why someone is trying to preserve it but I think they started a couple decades too late.

Sun Manufacturing Company

I did some research and found that the Sun Manufacturing Company which was in the building above manufactured coffee grinders and candy cases (pictured below) and was in business until 1931.

Coffee Grinder

Candy Case

As you can see, much of Franklinton is boarded up.  About a fifth of the houses are the same.  Lots of broken windows.

On the way back to my car I stopped at the number garden on the Ohio State campus to eat my peanut butter sandwich.

Number Garden

Number Garden

Back to Antrim Lake – 26 miles.

About Tracy M

I live in Lewis Center, Ohio & recently retired from JP Morgan Chase. I enjoy many outdoor activities and do a lot of biking. If anyone would like to join me for a ride just let me know.
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2 Responses to Bike Ride August 6, 2011

  1. Sue says:

    The row houses look the same wherever they are.

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