Bike Ride – September 16, 2020

Happy Birthday Ashley!

It was a spectacular early autumn day for a bike ride. When I started, the temperature was 55 and it was up to 70 when I finished.

I parked at Tuttle Park and headed south on the Olentangy Bike Trail. I got off at North Bank Park and went north on Neil Ave. I wanted to explore that area because my friend Ceena had surgery a few weeks back at the Eye Center and said she saw a hotel going up nearby. I wanted to check it out and it turned out to be more condos. McFerson Park was back there.

This is the arch from Union Station in McFerson Park.

McFerson Park
Nationwide Arena as seen from McFerson Park

There’s a nice condo community along the park.

Arena District Condos

Leaving the Arena District and going downtown. Although I’ve been by it a million times I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of the federal courthouse. It’s not much to see.

As usual, I stopped at the Scioto Mile.

Scioto Mile

The fountains were turned off because apparently water causes Covid 19 if you’re not rioting, burning buildings or breaking windows.

From there I went west and explored some of Franklinton. Just west of the river, Franklinton has been a very bad neighborhood for decades. They are starting to do some development over there now. Though there are still a lot of boarded up homes and buildings.

This is a fairly new apartment/condo building on Main Street just west of the river. There used to be public housing here that has since been demolished. One time I was on a path behind the buildings and came across someone who I was not sure was alive. So I poked him with a stick and was relieved when he moved.

These lovely structures are next door. This is kind of typical of Franklinton. Though I would love to explore those buildings.

More of the new and improved Franklinton.


Lots of construction on West Broad Street.

National Veterans Memorial and Museum


I didn’t know Columbus had an American Museum of Natural History.

American Museum of Natural History

West riverfront downtown.

This is a new hotel going up on Park Avenue behind the North Market. They are keeping the facade of the existing buildings and incorporating them in the new building.

Stopped briefly at Goodale Park.

Back to Tuttle.

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Bike Ride – July 2, 2020

This was my first ride down this year.  I’ve been reluctant to go downtown because of the riots, burning, looting, etc.

I parked at Tuttle Park and took the Olentangy trail downtown.  I didn’t stop and take many pictures because a moving target is hard to hit.  Stopped behind the federal courthouse.  I wanted to take pictures of statues before our feckless politicians permitted the mob was to tear them down.  Here we have a racist lion, racist unicorn along with a racist owl and eagle.


This abstract probably isn’t racist so perhaps it will be allowed to stand.


This statue honors the Italian immigrants.  They’re bound to be racist so it’s probably just a matter of time before it comes down.


I went over to the Columbus City Hall to take a picture of the Christopher Columbus statue but the spineless Mayor Ginther already had it removed.

Went down to the fountains at the Scioto Mile.  They weren’t turned on because of the irrational panic in progress.  They haven’t even planted the flowers around the area.  This is what it is supposed to look like.

The Milestone 229 restaurant had a lot of broken windows.  There were a lot of broken windows and boarded up windows on buildings and even some apartments.  I stopped at the statehouse.  There were some boarded up windows there too.  I told all the state troopers I saw that I appreciated their work.

Going north on High Street through the Short North there were some boarded up windows but not a lot.  Periodically along High Street there were boarded up windows but again, not as many as I expected.  I didn’t see any damage when I went through the campus area.

Back to Tuttle Park.

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Bike Ride – May 2, 2020

Six weeks into the irrational panic it was a spectacular spring day in central Ohio.  I parked at 800 Brooksedge Blvd., Westerville.  I headed north on one of Westerville’s many bike paths.   Eventually (~3 miles), I got to Maxtown Road and headed west towards Polaris Parkway.

Maxtown Road Looking West Towards Polaris Parkway

When I got to Meridian way I headed back south and explored the some of the new developments.  It was mostly deserted thanks to the irrational panic shutdown.

This is next to the Renaissance Hotel at Altair Parkway.

Altair Parkway

Further south went by the Westerville Community Center that was closed, though they were still collecting taxes for it.

Westerville Community Center

West on Main Street where I came to First Responders Park

It had been rebuilt since I had been there several years ago.  There is now a fountain an eternal flame.

First Responders Park   (Eternal flame to the right of the bench.)

First Responders Park

Night Photo.  Not my photo unfortunately.

First Responders Park

From Main Street I got on the Alum Creek Trail.

Alum Creek

There is a new apartment/condo complex going up on the other side of this pond near the trail.

Timbers Apartments

Alum Creek

Back to Brooksedge.

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Bike ride – June 7, 2018

The weather couldn’t have been better for a ride.  It was 65 degrees when I started and 76 when I finished, low humidity and a little cloudy.

It’s been over a year since I’ve been downtown.  I couldn’t believe how it had changed.  You literally can’t turn your head without seeing some new development.  Much of today’s post will be about the new development.

I started at Tuttle Park and headed south on the Olentangy Bike Trail until I got downtown.  The first picture is of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum which is under construction and supposed to open this summer.  It’s a beautiful building.


National Veterans Memorial and Museum

This is a new addition to the Scioto Mile.  It’s Coleman’s Pointe.  Mayor Coleman was an avid bike rider and was instrumental in adding a lot of bike trails around the city.  I actually encountered him one time when I was on a ride and said “hi.”


Coleman’s Pointe


Coleman’s Pointe

In the background you can see the tents going up for the Columbus Arts Festival which starts June 8, 2018 (tomorrow).

Stopped briefly at the fountains.


Scioto Mile

New construction at Front Street & Main Street.


Construction on High Street south of Broad Street.



Rich Street and 3rd.


Now we’re north of Broad Street on High Street.


This is the Arnold(Schwarzenegger) statue at the convention center.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Statue

We’re in the Short North now.  The Short North is getting a tremendous amount development including a lot of infrastructure updates.  High Street is torn up as are the sidewalks.  It will be nice when it’s done but it’s a mess now.


Short North


Short North


Short North

North of the Short North now.



New branch library.


In the University District now.


The remainder of the pictures are of the Ohio State University North Residential District.  It’s a huge construction project that has been going on for years.  It’s north of Woodruff, south of Lane Avenue and west of High Street.  I mentioned in my May 9, 2015 post.


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District

Taylor Tower on the right (not new).


Ohio State North Residential District

Looking west.


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District


Ohio State North Residential District

Back to Tuttle.

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Bike Ride – May 24, 2018

Picked up Konrad Y. in Delaware and headed up to Berea, Ohio to ride the Valley Parkway Trail along the Rocky River.  The weather was clear and beautiful.



Berea Falls Scenic Overlook – Valley Parkway Trail, Rocky River, Ohio


Valley Parkway Trail, Rocky River, Ohio


Valley Parkway Trail, Rocky River, Ohio


Valley Parkway Trail, Rocky River, Ohio


Valley Parkway Trail, Ohio


Valley Parkway Trail, Rocky River, Ohio

On our way back to Berea, we came across an accident where a van ran over a bicyclist.  The bike was underneath the van and crumpled up.  Police hadn’t arrived yet.  We stopped and talked to the guy that got run over and he was shook up but, surprisingly, appeared to be OK.

Back to Berea, then Medina for a late lunch, then Delaware, then Lewis Center.  That was a long way to travel for a relatively short ride but it was a nice excursion.  It’s nice that all my weekends are seven days long now.

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Bike Ride – October 22, 2016

Autumn is here.  It was a pretty chilly and windy day.  I started at Tuttle Park.  When I got to Dublin Rd./Spring/Long St. (see map) I continued south rather than east as usual.


I was intrigued by this giant billboard and wanted to check it out.


Orange Barrel Media

As I got closer I could see there was an office building beneath the billboard.  It belongs to a company called Orange Barrel Media which does outdoor advertising.  They’re the ones who created this billboard on the side of the Atlas building downtown.  I always thought it was very creative particularly the yellow paint on the parking and the vehicles covered in the paint.


Atlas Building Billboard

I got off the trail at Rickenbacker Drive which is in Franklinton, then over to North Souder Avenue then McKinley Avenue where I got to the back of the billboard/office building.  That’s a bunch of solar panels on billboard.  In the foreground is typical Franklinton with boarded up buildings.


Orange Barrel Media

I went north on McKinley Avenue where there wasn’t a whole lot to see.  It was an industrial area with warehouses and manufacturing.  There was a big junk yard.  The area was pretty deserted.  I think I saw only two cars and nobody outside a car.  When I got to Yale Avenue where I came across the old Sun Manufacturing building which I mentioned before. It’s being used as a warehouse now and they restored the name on the building.


Sun Manufacturing

I went south on Yale to Broad Street so I was west of downtown.


West Broad Street

Columbus Fire Department Engine House number 10.  The old Engine House 10 is on the left.  In typical Franklinton tradition, it is boarded up.


Columbus Fire Engine House No. 10


Maurice Gates Memorial

Across the street is the Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op.  I liked the mural on the side.


Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op

East to downtown.  The Broad Street bridge was being worked on so I took Starling Street to Town Street and crossed the river on the Rich Street bridge where I came across this deer looking at the river.


Rich Street Bridge

Stopped briefly at the Scioto Mile then up to High Street and headed north where I was greeted with a north wind howling in my face.

Stopped briefly on the Ohio State Oval to make a phone call.


Hayes Hall

Back to Tuttle, 13 miles.

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Bike Ride – September 24, 2016

It was another pretty warm day for late September.  It was overcast most of the day so that made it a little more comfortable.

Started at Tuttle Park and headed south on the Olentangy Bike Trail then got off at Ohio Stadium.  I took Cannon Drive to King Avenue then east to Neil Avenue.  Neil Avenue is so nice through Victorian Village.  This is at Fourth Street. Someone planted a garden between the building and the street.


Neil Ave. & Fourth St.


Neil Ave. & Fourth St.

Next I went over to Goodale Park.  This is a statue of Lincoln Goodale, benefactor of the park.


Lincoln Goodale

Across Park Street from the park is a building that I had never paid much attention to previously.  I was asking a woman if she knew what it was and she didn’t.  It turned out to be the Pizutti Museum.


Pizzuti Museum

There are a number of sculptures around it and I mentioned to the woman that one of them looked like a guy peeing.  If you look on the left side of the museum you can see it.

When I got closer I realized that was exactly what it was.


Pizzuti Museum

More of the sculptures:


Pizzuti Museum


Pizzuti Museum


Pizzuti Museum

South on Park Street.  Looking south on Park towards downtown.  You can see how overcast it was.  I was sure I was going to get rained on but it stayed dry.


Park Street

I went further south then east on Town Street and stopped at the Topiary Garden to eat.


Topiary Garden


Topiary Garden

Just east of the Topiary Garden is the Kelton House.


Kelton House


Kelton House

They were getting ready for a wedding so I didn’t explore much.


Kelton House Garden

Just north of East Town Street was Franklin Avenue.  It’s a quiet residential street that I liked.


Franklin Avenue


Franklin Avenue


Franklin Avenue

Headed north on South Washington Street.  Broad Street UM Church.


Broad Street UM Church

Yes, it’s green.

Across the street is the Columbus Museum of Art which is being renovated.


Here’s the back.


Columbus Museum of Art

And now I’m in the Arts District.


Arts District

Lots of artsy stuff there.


Columbus Arts District


Columbus Arts District


Columbus Arts District


Columbus Arts District

Headed back towards High Street via East Gay Street.  These are some condos.  Gay Street is becoming a trendy area.


Condos on East Gay Street

New apartments/condos going up on Long Street.


Long Street

Heading north on High Street I stopped at Sensenbrenner Park.


Sensebrenner Park

Back to Tuttle Park – 13 miles.



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Bike Ride – September 17, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I haven’t been on the bike as much this year.  I sold my house and bought a condo.  Between getting the house ready for sale, condo ready for move in, packing & moving, not to mention emergency surgery in August, there isn’t been a lot of time for the bike.

So I got out on the 17th.  It had been raining pretty hard all morning and was supposed to rain again in the afternoon but there was a window when it was dry.  I started out at Tuttle Park, just north of campus and headed south on the Olentangy Bike Trail.  I got off the trail at Goodale Blvd. and headed over to the Arena District.  In my May 9th post last year I had some pictures of this old building being torn down behind Huntington Park (Clippers baseball).  I wanted to see what was going up in its place.  Here it is.



It’s not a very exciting building.  I’m glad they left the beams from the old Buggy Works factory.

From there, I took Nationwide Blvd. east to Neil Ave and went south.  I came across some “walk for” in progress.  Almost every Saturday someone is having a walk for something.  This one was for pancreatic cancer.


There’s a new building going up at the corner of Spring Street & Neil Avenue. It’s going to be condos.


From there I rode over to Long Street where I found another building going up at Front Street.  It’s going to be a city office building.


Came across a homeless person sleeping in a doorway on Long St.


(Sorry about the fuzzy pic.  I took it on the move.)

And another one in the next doorway.


Then I went over to the Scioto Mile and took a break.


In my September 6, 2014 post I had a picture of the downtown riverfront under construction.  It looks like this now.


Then I headed up to High Street.  They are staring on two new buildings on High Street between Long Street & Gay Street.


I didn’t include a picture of both sites because the north hole looks pretty much like the south hole.

This building on the corner of High & Main is finished and occupied.


More construction at Town Street & High Street.


Further north on High Street in the Short North I found this new building at Hubbard St.  Businesses on the ground floor, apartments above, parking garage and more apartments in back.  It’s called The Hub.


I was surprised how much the city had changed in a year.

Through campus and back to Tuttle Park – 13 miles.

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Bike Ride – September 5, 2015

You may have noticed that I’ve been out of commission for most of the summer.  In my post of May 2, 2015 I mentioned that I crashed my bike and planted my face in the concrete.  About a month later I started experiencing some pretty serious muscle weakness.  I spent most of the summer trying to determine why and what to do about it.  It has been slowly getting better for the last month to the point that I’m riding more.  My neurologist (yes, now I have a neurologist.) thinks I injured the spine in my neck when I crashed and it is slowly healing.

The muscle weakness started about a week after I bought a brand new all carbon bike.  It was kind of frustrating not to be able to ride much after I got the new bike.  Here’s the bike.

Specialized Sirrus Expert Carbon Disc

So, to the ride. There aren’t many pictures since we didn’t cover any new territory.  Today’s ride was mostly to get back in the swing.

Met Tom C. at Whetstone Park and we took the Olentangy Bike Trail downtown.

Pictures from Bicentennial Park.

Waterford Condos

Milestone 229 restaurant at Bicentennial Park.

Milestone 229

There is a new construction project just starting on the corner of Rich Street & High Street.  I don’t know what it is.

Rich & High Streets

I’ve mentioned this project across the street a couple times in the past, here and here.  It is coming along nicely.

250 South High Street

We stopped by the North Market on the way back north and got a bite to eat.

North Market

Back to Whetstone – 18 miles.  It was humid enough that the ride also counted as an 18 mile swim.

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Bike Ride – May 23, 2015

We had spectacular weather on this first day of the Memorial Day weekend.  For a change of pace I went to Westerville for my ride.  It also the advantage that I didn’t have to travel through the north side fix.  I parked at a Brooksedge Blvd. office building where I once worked.

I opened the back hatch of my car and added air to the back tire of my bike.  Then I went to do the same to the front one but it wasn’t to be found.  Seems I left that one at home.  Oops.  I actually stood there and looked for the front wheel as if there were multiple places it could be.  I didn’t want to go back home, get it and come back.  Traffic had been heavy and I think every knucklehead in the state was on the road.  (Including me.)  I decided to go across the street to Bike Source to lo0k at a bike I have been thinking about for about six months.  They didn’t have the one I was interested in but they had one of the same design but wasn’t carbon.  I took that out for a ride for about a half hour.  It was very nice.  While I was out they realized they had a carbon one so when I got back I took that one out.  It was a much better bike so I took it further.

I’ve been on this bike trail multiple times but I’ll swear I’ve never seen this “depot” before.

Westerville Bike Depot

Magnet school in Westerville, very old building.

Westerville School

Went into uptown Westerville.

Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville

Then I went over to Otterbein University.

Otterbein University

Otterbein University

Otterbein University

At this point I was starting to get concerned that the bike store would report their bike as stolen so I decided to head back.

I have no idea how far I rode but it was a lot further than I thought I would go when I discovered that I only had one wheel.

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